Founded on an initiative begun in 2008 under the watchful eye of ESET North America, researchers from their global community realized that it is the human factor, more often than not, that allows penetration of an organization. To that end, Securing Our eCity began as an initiative of ESET North America. In 2011, the ESET Foundation, Inc. was formed as a 501 C3 non-profit foundation focused on cyber security awareness, education, and preparation of the greater San Diego region. Established to serve as a beacon for other communities across the nation, the Securing Our eCity name was kept as a reminder of the primary mission of the foundation – to secure our digital cities as we marched forward into the 21st century and beyond. 

In 2010, the all-volunteer organization received the “Best/Local Community Program” award for cyber security in the nation from the Department of Homeland Security and President Barack Obama.

The Foundation is grateful to ESET North America and San Diego Gas & Electric for providing a solid financial base to work from and embracing the many critical infrastructure sectors, organizations, and individuals that have helped make a difference for our community. 

2016 Annual Report

The ESET Foundation, Inc. (d.b.a. Securing Our eCity Foundation) is pleased to present our 2016 Annual Report. We continue to focus on our mission, "helping San Diego become a place we can all live, work, and play in a cyber-safe environment."

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To enable every San Diegan to live, work and play safely in the cyber world.

In the fast-paced world we live in where “digital” exchanges dominate our daily interactions, the Securing Our eCity Foundation (SOeC) provides awareness of potential issues and offers free cyber security information and education. We are focused on helping to prepare and develop our future cyber defenders though cooperative efforts between the schools and business communities. 

Our Vision

To create a safe digital neighborhood that is both resistant to cyber-threats and resilient to man-made or natural disasters, where our citizens, businesses, organizations and government can effectively and securely navigate, collaborate and conduct business to remain economically competitive in today’s fast-changing technological environment. The secure cyber city model we establish in San Diego will empower our citizens and serve as a beacon for cities across North America and the world.