Business Programs

In the business world, whether you are a small business or a global enterprise, cyber security for your staff and customers is primarily your responsibility. A daunting task? You bet! But, with general awareness and education that teaches the leading practices, your organization can be prepared to help make certain that you are as secure as possible.

We offer customized educational workshops in your office to help educate and better prepare your organization from unwanted cyber attacks.

The workshops are free.

Let us help you help your organization.

Business Programs you can tap into:


We come to you and make it easy to help educate your staff. Send in your request now to Learn More.


Future Cyber Defenders

We are always on the look-out for opportunities for our Cyber Boot Camp graduates! If you can use an intern to help you organization over the summer breaks or even a few hours a week, contact us now and help us provide opportunities for the future cyber leaders. 

Are you an experience cyber professional? We are looking for team mentors in all facets of cyber security for our SoCal Cyber Cup Challenge. Your organization can choose to adopt a school and have your IT experts share their knowledge with a middle or high school team or you can individually choose to mentor a specific school. Learn More.

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